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Upon arrival at the emergency center your pet will be immediately evaluated by a technician. Our veterinarian will exmine your pet, formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan, and begin therapy. If your pet needs to be hospitalized, the hospital has separate dog and cat ward, and a third ward for the most critically ill patients.

We provide soft bedding, kidness, care, and, as needed, pain medication. We routinely perform in-house laboratory testing, x-rays, and ultrasounds. If your pet is posbitalized with us, you may call at any time for updates, and weekend visits are encouraged. The veterinarian and veterinary staff will keep you updated if your pet's condition changes.

Pets are discharged between 7 and 7:30 a.m. We will fax or e-Mail your pet's emergency medical record to your veterinarian, and or specialist of your choice. The staff will discuss directions for the care of your pet, follow-up are with your veterinarian, and answer any questions your may have. It is our privilege to take care of your pet, and we will do our utmost to provide quality care with compassion.